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Potty Training Watch - Green

Potty Training Watch - Green

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PREMIUM QUALITY: The watch is constructed entirely of safe food-grade silicone, which means it is much more durable, perfect for resisting abrasion and challenging play. Furthermore, the thickness of the watch has been reduced, making it lighter and less bulky!

SET THE TIMER: You won't have to worry about interrupting your day if it's just for a stop by the potty; with its built-in timer and song, toilet training doesn't have to be such a chore. A convenient looping clock for 30, 60, and 90 minutes lets your little one know when to visit the restroom, making it an adorable accessory to wear.
WATERPROOF DESIGN: No more worries about your watch getting wet. We offer kids' fully Waterproof watch, which will withstand not just splashes of water but also when your kid dips their hand in the water.
FUN TO USE: No matter what adventures your kids embark on, help is never far away with this brilliant watch. Featuring a modern sound system, four LED flashlights, and three songs for your little one's enjoyment, this practical watch keeps your kid entertained and distraction-free during potty training!
KID-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Our soft silicone strap is so comfortable your kid will forget it's even there. Your kid will enjoy using the increased screen size, which is 50% bigger, and the wristband is adjustable, so no digging into their delicate wrist!

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Potty Training Watch - Green
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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Excellent Customer Service, Great product

I had a wonder experience with Kidnovations, I received excellent customer service and the potty watch works just as advertised.

Worth the money.

It works great. Just as described. I would definitely buy again.

تمارا منسي
Granddaughter loves it!

Purchased to have at nana’s house for 2 year old granddaughter & she loves it.

Well worth it

Got this watch for my son. He absolutely loves it. So kid friendly. He keeps telling me it's time to go potty.

A cool watch with a secret potty vibration too strong to ignore!

"LOVE this watch. Looks cool, feels great (according to my child) and does its job simply and beautifully.

Our daughter is potty trained, but she has an issue that sometimes makes it difficult for her to physically sense when it’s time to go potty before it’s too late. Additionally, she has the worst FOMO, so she never wants to stop playing with friends to go to the bathroom. When she does actually feel a faint physical urge to go, she often ignores it. By contrast, the vibration on this watch is STRONG and lasts for 30 seconds—finally a signal she cannot ignore! No matter where she is or what she’s doing, she stops every time it “buzzes” (as she calls it) and goes straight to the bathroom. Since she plays with and takes classes with a lot of older kids—5, 6, and 7 year olds—it’s also important to note that the potty vibration notification is discreet, and there is no branding or label on the watch that makes it look like a potty training tool. To everyone else, this just looks like a super cool watch.

One week with this watch has changed our lives. The accident-related stress in our house has gone away, and we're finally able to give our child the independence she deserves.

Customer service from Kidnovations has also been quick and helpful; I sent them a question and they replied right away. Very helpful.

Highly recommend!"