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Potty Training Watch - Pink

Potty Training Watch - Pink

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PREMIUM QUALITY: The watch is constructed entirely of safe food-grade silicone, which means it is much more durable, perfect for resisting abrasion and challenging play. Furthermore, the thickness of the watch has been reduced, making it lighter and less bulky!

SET THE TIMER: You won't have to worry about interrupting your day if it's just for a stop by the potty; with its built-in timer and song, toilet training doesn't have to be such a chore. A convenient looping clock for 30, 60, and 90 minutes lets your little one know when to visit the restroom, making it an adorable accessory to wear.

WATERPROOF DESIGN: No more worries about your watch getting wet. We offer kids' fully Waterproof watch, which will withstand not just splashes of water but also when your kid dips their hand in the water.

FUN TO USE: No matter what adventures your kids embark on, help is never far away with this brilliant watch. Featuring a modern sound system, four LED flashlights, and three songs for your little one's enjoyment, this practical watch keeps your kid entertained and distraction-free during potty training!

KID-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Our soft silicone strap is so comfortable your kid will forget it's even there. Your kid will enjoy using the increased screen size, which is 50% bigger, and the wristband is adjustable, so no digging into their delicate wrist!

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Potty Training Watch - Pink
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Customer Reviews

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Does what it needs to do

It's a watch for potty training. So it does 2 things...and only does 2 things which all it needs to do - it shows time and reminds to go. As an technology engineer myself, I appreciate and love that its function is simple and to the point, without adding any other unnecessary non-usable stuff, unnecessary design complexity and user operational stress like other watches do. I appreciate that parents designed it to help them, and they shared it with us. I love that it shows time with large numbers. I love that it tells the kid how long is left before he needs to go. I love that it vibrates strongly and plays funky music that makes it fun for kid to react to. Mine actually skipped to the music while running to the bathroom. Simple. Attractive. Does what it says it does. Keep in mind that every day you have to turn on/off the interval reminders otherwise it will "keep buzzing/music non-stop". This keeps the parents involved every day with your child learning proper potty behavior, rather than relying on technology to do its thing every day unattended like other watches do. and since every day schedule is different, the "go to potty" times are different, based on when the initial interval reminder is set in the morning, makes it less of a routine and adjustable to specific day schedule. I recommend it.

We love it!

My daughter loves this watch. She knows everytime it plays music it’s potty time! It’s so easy to set up and use! We love it!

Perfect to help my little twins

This turn the tides for potty training my twins. It made it so much easier. I may not have survived without it.

The Touchscreen

At first I thought my touchscreen wasn't working, but then I learned that it responds best when touched in the area right under where the numbers display. So far so good! Love all the features of this watch, so many more than my other cheaper brand of potty watch that broke.

Awesome watch!! Works great!

I am very satisfied and surprised with the professionalism showed by this company! I ordered this watch and it didn't work so I just wrote a review and they QUICKLY contacted me. I really appreciate their fast response.