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Potty Training Watch - Grey

Potty Training Watch - Grey

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PREMIUM QUALITY: The watch is constructed entirely of safe food-grade silicone, which means it is much more durable, perfect for resisting abrasion and challenging play. Furthermore, the thickness of the watch has been reduced, making it lighter and less bulky!

SET THE TIMER: You won't have to worry about interrupting your day if it's just for a stop by the potty; with its built-in timer and song, toilet training doesn't have to be such a chore. A convenient looping clock for 30, 60, and 90 minutes lets your little one know when to visit the restroom, making it an adorable accessory to wear.
WATERPROOF DESIGN: No more worries about your watch getting wet. We offer kids' fully Waterproof watch, which will withstand not just splashes of water but also when your kid dips their hand in the water.
FUN TO USE: No matter what adventures your kids embark on, help is never far away with this brilliant watch. Featuring a modern sound system, four LED flashlights, and three songs for your little one's enjoyment, this practical watch keeps your kid entertained and distraction-free during potty training!
KID-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Our soft silicone strap is so comfortable your kid will forget it's even there. Your kid will enjoy using the increased screen size, which is 50% bigger, and the wristband is adjustable, so no digging into their delicate wrist!

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Potty Training Watch - Grey
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Customer Reviews

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No more accidents!

Our two-year-old listens to this watch more than he listens to us [insert crying and laughing emoji]! In all seriousness though, since we purchased this watch we have had only a couple of "accidents" in the last three weeks. This watch is easy to use, when you read the instructions, and works perfectly. We had a recent issue where our watch was acting "funky," but after a quick chat with Eli, and switching the charger we were using, it's back to working perfectly. The response time for troubleshooting was quick (only a couple of hours) and Eli was a pleasure to communicate with. I wish all the parents out there "good luck!" in potty training your toddler WITHOUT this watch!

Great watch for a child of any age

This watch is simple to use, looks classy with for even an older kid to wear, and stands up to the daily abuse a cooks gives a watch. We have been so impressed with how much this has helped. They also have great, quick, reliable customer service and are always willing to answer questions or help you troubleshoot.

So easy to use!

My son refused to use the potty with any other seat cover until my mom gifted us this. He was potty trained the same day. We love this so much. It’s also easy to fold and set aside.

Great innovative product

Amazing product that subtly helps remind my child to go to the bathroom.

Love it!!

This watch has helped my 7 year old son with ADHD to not have accidents as much as before.